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A teacher

iPal™ has rich learning resources for kids. It can answer most questions from kids, and download additional answers from the cloud when needed. Its Android OS allows all Android learning apps to run. With iPal™, learning is a happy and fun experience.

Question and Answer

Curiosity is good for children

Why is the sun hot? Why do I hiccup? Every child is curious. iPal™ can answer most questions with its rich knowledge database. But if iPal™ is stumped, it will pass on the question to a human expert. The answer will come back in a few minutes and be shared so that every iPal™ quickly builds its knowledge with collective learning.

Learn Programming

Children can begin to program

Computer hardware, software, these are mysterious words to kids. When a child wants to know how their buddy iPal™ works, there is a program designed for young children to teach them the basics of programming. With this knowledge children will be able to create stories and dances for iPal™, and even extend or customize iPal™'s capabilities.

General Learning

Children learn best when it is fun

iPal™ teaches children languages, math, history, and much more. iPal™'s interactive learning programs make it fun. When a child gets the right answer iPal™ rewards him. If a child gets it wrong iPal™ helps and encourages him. Making learning fun makes your child want to learn more.

Social Manners

Your child learns to be a good kid

iPal™ is designed to be an example for the child on how to be a good kid. It teaches your child to be polite, share with his friends, and interact in a friendly way.