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A friend to play with

iPal™ has 25 motors that enable it to make intricate human-like movements. It has a 3 watt per channel sound system for high quality music. Your child will enjoy its dancing and music, and its ability to play fun games.


Play favorite games

Kids love to play games. All the popular games will be available on iPal™, and iPal™ can play them with the child. iPal™ will never get tired and will play whenever the child wants to play. A child can use iPal™ to show off his skill to friends. Many apps will have an educational aspect, so the child learns while he plays.


Enhance your kids life with music

Science has proven that music has a lifelong benefit for children. A wide variety of songs and music for children is available from the app store. iPal™ has a high quality sound system that makes listening a pleasure no matter where you are. Just tell iPal™ what song you like and it will play it for you.


Dancing is fun

Seeing a typical robot dance is funny, isn't it? But iPal™ gives you a totally different experience. It is not limited to simple, rigid movements. Like a human dancer, iPal™ is nimble with ample facial expressions. You and your child can invent your own dances for iPal™ by drag-and-drop using its PC tools.


Stories are the best entertainment

Children love to hear stories, and often a child wants to hear the same story over and over again. iPal™ comes with many stories, and can download more from the app store. It can tell a soft bedtime story or illuminate a rousing adventure story with dance and action.