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Day 1

iPal™ becomes the focus in the crowd.

The superstar in the little maze.

iPal™'s performance attracts many viewers.

Stretch arms and start to dance!

We are interviewed by CHINA NATIONAL RADIO.

Dr. Xiong is interviewed by the foreign media.

Dr. Xiong is interviewed by Channel Young.

Play with children.

Day 2

We are interviewed by Bloomberg.

iPal™ is under the lens of the crowd.

iPal™ shines on the stage.

Set the pose then you can take photos for me!

In an interview with the iQIYI.

Tencent Video is shooting on the booth and introducing iPal™.

Day 3

Let's play together!

iPal™ ’s dance becomes the focus of attention.

Clap hands with iPal™!

In an interview with the Yaoshi.

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