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A full time companion

iPal™ is a great companion robot for kids. With its cute cartoon outlook, fine craftwork, latest natural language understanding technology, and cloud apps, it will be your child's best friend.


I can talk with you

iPal™ has the latest generation natural language understanding and can talk like a 4-8 year old child. With its autonomous learning engine, iPal™ remembers preferences and interests, and builds on them to give the best conversation. iPal™ continually monitors the Cloud to increase its knowledge on subjects of interest to your child.

Sense emotions

I am here for you

iPal™ has many sensors to feel touch, listen to speech, and detect emotion. iPal™ is not a cold, unfeeling machine, but a great companion for your child. iPal™'s emotion management system senses and responds to happiness, depression and loneliness. iPal™ is happy when your child is happy, and encourages your child when he is sad.

Actually iPal™ lets us get closer…


I keep a record of your growth

iPal™ will take daily pictures and videos to record your child's growth. Parents can monitor these on their phone, add information and comments, and save in the cloud. After many years when you browse these albums, you will remember and feel the love and happiness.

Make friends

Find and contact new friends

iPal™ helps your children make friends. A child can easily add buddies in the Child Messenger app. However, for safety, the parents must approve the connections through the monitoring app in their phone. When approved, your child can video chat, share information, and freely communicate with his new friends.


I am your little helper

iPal™ has many useful apps to help your child. The weather app lets him know how to dress, the clock app wakes him up in the morning, and the health app tells him to wash hands before meals.