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iPal™ is with you all the time

A full time companion

iPal™ is a great companion robot for kids. With its cute cartoon outlook, fine craftwork, latest natural language understanding technology, and cloud apps, it will be your child's best friend.

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A friend to play with

iPal™ has 25 motors that enable it to make intricate human-like movements. It has a 3 watt per channel sound system for high quality music. Your child will enjoy its dancing and music, and its ability to play fun games.

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A teacher

iPal™ has rich learning resources for kids. It can answer most questions from kids, and download additional answers from the cloud when needed. Its Android OS allows all Android learning apps to run. With iPal™, learning is a happy and fun experience.

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A monitor to keep your child safe

When parents are away, iPal™ enables them to use their phone to control iPal™, monitor their child and video chat with him anywhere.

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